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Copy the entire path and file name in Windows 7

Here is a quick tip if you need to send or copy the entire file path and name to the clipboard. If you don’t already know how to do this, you probably copy the file path from the top of … Continue reading

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Have you seen the calculator lately?

Don’t keep a calculator on your desk or in a drawer, take a moment to check out the Windows 7 calculator. A nice interface that includes a history of what commands you typed. If you click on the View menu, … Continue reading

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Windows 7 gadget, Clipboard Manager

Desktop gadgets are programs that appear on your desktop and do something useful or fun. They might display the current weather or a world clock. A useful gadget is called “Clipboard Manager”. It allows you to save multiple items that … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Screen management

These tips are for Windows 7 users. If you need any help using these, just holler! If you have multiple windows open and just want to leave the one you are working on open, shake! Using your left mouse button, … Continue reading

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Some standard Windows keyboard shortcuts

These have been around for a long time, but in case they have been forgotten, here are some standard keyboard shortcuts that work in Windows and many Windows applications. You will also find that some of these can be found … Continue reading

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Some Windows keyboard shortcuts for your PC screen

Tip #1 Need to zoom in on your screen? Letters a bit to small? Some Windows programs allow you to use the wheel on your mouse to do this. Hold down the [Ctrl] key and scroll with the wheel on … Continue reading

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