Word 2010 header and footer basics

If you want to have text appear at the top or bottom of every page of a Word document, do you start a-typing on each page? Headers and footers are the way to go. They allow you to enter text once and have it appear on every page.

To use a header or a footer, go the Insert tab and the Header & Footer group.


You have the option to use a header or a footer and also a special selection called Page Number. Because page numbers are so common, this special button gives you multiple options for including page numbers in the header or the footer of a document…even in the left and right margins! But back to our headers and footers, you can see that you have quite a few built-in selections to choose from when you press the button.

Once you have a header or a footer in a document, you just need to double click on that area to make changes. You should also see that a special tab appears. Notice below, there is a flag that shows I am in the header section and the special design tab is showing.


You have all kinds of options from where the header is located to using a different header on the first page to adding dates and times automatically.

To close the special tab and get out of the header or footer, you can either double-click on the body of the document or use the “X” button at the end of the special tab. Hitting the [Esc] key also works.


And if you don’t want all the fancy helpers? You just want to insert a header or footer, type and be done with it? Use your left mouse button and double click in the header or footer area (top or bottom of the page). This will open the section with the special design tab, but you can start typing without having to choose one of the built-in templates.

If you need more help, hold your mouse pointer over the Header or Footer button. A pop-up window appears and then hit F1 for the built-in Microsoft help.


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