Removing the background from a picture in Office

Today’s tip is an advanced one so sit back and get ready for a lot of screen shots!  We will use Word 2010 for the example of removing the background from a picture. This also works in other Office apps.

The first step is to have your Word document open and select the picture with your left mouse button.


With the picture highlighted, the Picture Tools tab should be visible and in the Adjust group is the “Remove Background” button.


Word tries to select what is the background, but as you can see, it may not have done a great job.


First step is to take the square highlight and resize it so that it includes what you want to keep, but excludes as much as possible, like below.


Now it is almost perfect, but see the arrow above? There is a background spot that is peaking through.

If you look at the ribbon, it has changed to a special Background Removal tab. There are two buttons that allow you to mark spots on the image to change. One marks areas to keep and one marks areas to remove.


I clicked the “Mark Areas to Remove and clicked on the little background spot and it went away! Notice the small minus symbol on the picture. If I changed my mind or it wasn’t right, I could delete the mark.


Once you are happy, click the “Keep Changes” button and be amazed with your new image!


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