Outlook 2010 Quick Steps

Outlook 2010 has a new feature called Quick Steps. A quick step is a macro that allows you to automate steps in Outlook. Quick Steps can be found on the Home tab.

An good example is one that is built-in called Reply & Delete. If you hit this, you can type and send a replay and Outlook will automatically delete the original message. You will just have your sent message. Use the More button (that little button in the bottom right of many groups on the ribbon). This will open the Manage Quick Steps dialog where you can see existing Quick Steps, create new ones or delete ones that are no longer needed.

To create a new Quick Step, you can base it on one of the defaults or choose Custom.

The Edit dialog will appear. Give your Quick Step a good, descriptive name. On this screen, you can choose each action that you want to automate. You can even create a keyboard shortcut for your new macro. Once you have created a new Quick Step, it will appear in the Quick Steps group.

In the example below, I want a single click to take the email I have selected and delete it, while creating a new task with the email text. Useful to control your email, while not losing track of tasks that you need to complete.

And this is just the beginning! You are not limited to two actions, keep going! Think about what you do repeatedly in Outlook and try to automate it.

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