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Excel and making text fit

Although Excel is a numbers program, there are times you are adding text. It may be a column heading or a description, but sometimes we add text and sometimes it is longer than the cells around it. There are several … Continue reading

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Copy the entire path and file name in Windows 7

Here is a quick tip if you need to send or copy the entire file path and name to the clipboard. If you don’t already know how to do this, you probably copy the file path from the top of … Continue reading

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Outlook tip to create a meeting from an email

My favorite Outlook Tip is to drag a message into my calendar to remind myself in a day/week/month to follow up with a co-worker, customer, expense report due dates, etc.  I just drag the message into my calendar and schedule … Continue reading

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Sorting Word lists

Here is a quick tip for sorting a bulleted or numbered list in Word. Please note this only works for lists that are one level deep. First, select the text in the list. Go to the Home tab and the … Continue reading

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