Windows 7 gadget, Clipboard Manager

Desktop gadgets are programs that appear on your desktop and do something useful or fun. They might display the current weather or a world clock. A useful gadget is called “Clipboard Manager”. It allows you to save multiple items that you have cut or copied (using the Cut/Copy command or Ctrl+X or Ctrl+C in any program). You can then go back and put past item back into the first position so that they can be pasted.

Here is an example…let’s say you want to paste five dollar amounts from a spreadsheet into an email. With the Clipboard Manager installed, copy each of the five figures. Don’t worry about it overwriting the last one, it will save them all!

When you are done, the gadget will look like this:

Using your left mouse, you can click on any item and it moves to the top, ready to paste into any other program. But what if you have more copied items than can be displayed in the gadget? Click the “more” icon and a new window appears with all of your items. You can see mine contains the figures and the screen shots for this email. You can now choose any item or even delete items.

To find the settings (this is true of any gadget) hold your mouse over the gadget and a toolbar appears on the right. You can change how the gadget appears and behaves by clicking the wrench.

Are you interested? To install this gadget, right click on any open space on your desktop. Choose, Gadgets from the pop-up menu. If the Clipboard Manager is not on the screen already, click “Get more gadgets online” and a web browser will open with many Windows gadgets. The Clipboard Manager is here. Click download and Open with as in the screen shot below. This will go through the install process and your gadget should appear.

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4 Responses to Windows 7 gadget, Clipboard Manager

  1. Alan says:

    Hi, your instructions for downloaing and installing no longer work!

  2. Paul says:

    This has been working GREAT for me, But suddenly, favorite clips no longer works. Can this be fixed?

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