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Word, crop picture to shape

Inserting a picture in a document can add a thousand words. To add a thousand and one, try cropping the picture to a shape for added emphasis. Below is a standard picture with some text. To change the shape of … Continue reading

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Excel 2010 filters

Filters allow you to view a limited amount of data in a large spreadsheet. For example, if you have a spreadsheet with thousands of lines, but only want to see some of the rows, filters are a good way to … Continue reading

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Office 2010, inserting a screen shot

Need to insert a screen shot into a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation? Need it fast and maybe you only need part of the screen? Can’t remember if you should hit [PrtScn] or hold down the [Alt] key? Look … Continue reading

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Office 2007/2010 Quick Access Toolbar

“Quick Access”, sure sounds like this will make things easier….and it does! It is a small icon bar in the top left corner of Office programs. By default there are just a few buttons, but you can add anything you … Continue reading

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Have you seen the calculator lately?

Don’t keep a calculator on your desk or in a drawer, take a moment to check out the Windows 7 calculator. A nice interface that includes a history of what commands you typed. If you click on the View menu, … Continue reading

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Excel conditional formatting

Frequently, you need to highlight certain cells in a spreadsheet to draw attention or highlight certain pieces of information. You can do this manually, but wouldn’t it be nice to apply formatting to cells automatically? And have it applied even … Continue reading

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Windows 7 gadget, Clipboard Manager

Desktop gadgets are programs that appear on your desktop and do something useful or fun. They might display the current weather or a world clock. A useful gadget is called “Clipboard Manager”. It allows you to save multiple items that … Continue reading

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