Tips for using Google

Most of us have used Google to search the internet. displays a field and you can type anything to search for. But did you know you can do more than just search with Google? Use these keywords and your results will be above any other search results. These tips work if you are using the Google toolbar, too.

Word definition

Although just entering a word will usually get you the definition in one of the results, you can get a definition at the top of your list by prefacing your word with “define”.

“define incredible”

Weather forecast

Type weather and the zip code or city and state.

“weather 92064”


Type movies and the zip code or city and state.

“movies 92121”

Track flights

Type the airline followed by the flight number.

“delta 1234”

Stock quotes

Type in the stock symbol


Return certain file types

To return only certain file types, add “filetype:xxx” after your search. This can be used to only return pdf files, for example to find product manuals.

“dyson dc34 filetype:pdf”

A calculator

Type in what you want calculated and your answer will be returned.

“100 + 230”

Package tracking

Type in your tracking number (no need for the carrier). Your only result should be a link to the carrier with your tracking number entered for you.


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