How to keep track of apps you are just trying out

Today’s tip is for the smartphone users out there. Any make or operating system (OS), the problem is the same. There are many applications (apps) out there and you want to try as many as you can. Some are even free! But what does installing all of those apps do to the performance on your phone? App after app, some running in the background, does not improve your phone’s performance.

One way to keep track of apps that you are just “trying out” is to keep them segregated and make sure you uninstall the ones you don’t like. Place them on the screen away from the apps you use. Try them out and if you don’t like them, uninstall them!  Take the time to review the other apps on your phone, too, and uninstall any you don’t use.

This will help keep you and your phone running smoothly.


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