Excel Worksheet Tips

To work with these tips, it is important to know some Excel terms. An Excel file is called a “workbook” and each sheet in that file is called a “worksheet”.

  • Change the number of worksheets when you open a new Excel workbook. By default, Excel opens a new file with three worksheets. If you usually use just one, change the default. These instructions are specific for Excel 2010, but the idea is the same for all versions. Head to the program options or tools and make these changes.

1. Select the File tab at the top of the window.

2. Choose Options and General.

3. Select the number of sheets you want in new workbooks.

Take the time to poke around all of the options available to you in Excel! If you have questions about your particular version of Excel, just call IT.

  • Each worksheet has a tab at the bottom of the screen. To change the name, double click on the tab or right click and choose Rename from the menu. If you right click, you will also notice you can also change the tab color. This can help you organize your Excel files.


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