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Excel Cell References

Fair warning, this topic is a little dry. But understanding how cell references work will help you create good formulas and useful spreadsheets. Let’s start with some sample data. In this sample, we want to calculate extended price for each … Continue reading

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Tips for using Google

Most of us have used Google to search the internet. displays a field and you can type anything to search for. But did you know you can do more than just search with Google? Use these keywords and your … Continue reading

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Word keyboard shortcuts for special characters

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for entering special characters. You may not remember them all, but there might be a few that you can use! Trademark symbol                         Alt+Ctrl+T Copyright symbol                            Alt+Ctrl+C Registered trademark symbol       Alt+Ctrl+R Page break                                        Ctrl+Enter Line break                                         … Continue reading

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Word spell checking tips

Spell checking has been around for so many years, it’s easy to take it for granted. But it can be tweaked to work the way you want in MS Word 2010 (these options can be found in earlier versions, but … Continue reading

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How to keep track of apps you are just trying out

Today’s tip is for the smartphone users out there. Any make or operating system (OS), the problem is the same. There are many applications (apps) out there and you want to try as many as you can. Some are even … Continue reading

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Excel Worksheet Tips

To work with these tips, it is important to know some Excel terms. An Excel file is called a “workbook” and each sheet in that file is called a “worksheet”. Change the number of worksheets when you open a new … Continue reading

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Advanced Office 2010 tips

A couple of advanced tips for those using Office 2010. All of the major Office apps (Word, Excel, etc) have an enhanced clipboard. When you copy an item, Windows allows you to copy a single item. But Office will save … Continue reading

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